How to use your GOOD? How to vote?

The GoodDAO uses Snapshot to vote, anyone that holds GOOD token can vote on proposals.

Snapshot is a decentralized voting mechanism that allows voting off-chain.

<aside> 👉 With the GOOD token, you will be able to vote on Snapshot to approve or reject proposals.

Some proposals will need on-chain voting after 👉 directly from the contracts.

Keep an eye on GoodDollar’s social channels to know when voting is happening.


Where can I find all of the proposals and get more involved?

Discourse is the forum platform GoodDollar uses to debate and propose. Before any proposal moves to voting, it will be published and debated on Discourse. You can read all the proposals and participate in the debates.

There are 4 kinds of proposals:

Also, in a simple view, proposals have different statuses:

Here’s is a board with the status of all of the ideas, pre-proposals and proposals: GIP stands for GoodDollar Improvement Proposal.