This document shows how to manage a few of the works that rely on computers.

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This project is the one that is on the projector.

Its running off of the BAF mac mini which is hidden inside the horizontal plinth. This work should be able to run nonstop for the whole ten weeks, but if for some reason it stops working due to something like a power failure, it will automatically open the application on the desktop in fullscreen when the computer is started up

Note: I changed the desktop background to a screenshot of the app if it happens to fail for some reason so if it is not moving it might just be on the desktop.

The projector should be shutdown at the end of the day to preserve lamp life but the computer can stay active.



This is the piece that runs on the iPad.

The password for the iPad is 2013

The iPad will be set in "Guided Access" Mode which prevents people from switching apps or navigating away from the main site that is being displayed.