Where can you sell with Picksell

You can sell anywhere where you can be paid and it depends on terms and rules of integrated payment method Picksell Pay. At the moment you can accept online payments via Picksell Pay for your products or services only on/from accounts of German or Austrian based banks. Very soon Picksell and Picksell Pay will let to run business all over the Europe.

<aside> 💡 Due to Picksell Pay works in compliance with OpenBanking standards (PSD2) it proceeds payments between limited number of banks. For now it is about 3000 banks, mostly operating on territory of Germany and Austria. We work hard to make this list as big as possible, you and your clients will be enabled to connect any EU or UK bank account to Picksell Pay very soon.


What can you sell

You can use Picksell to sell any legal physical items, services, subscriptions or digital downloads. With Picksell, you can sell products that you manufacture yourself, resell products of other suppliers or dropship.

What languages are supported in your Picksell store

Picksell supports German and English languages so far.

The list of languages will expand with number of countries where Picksell is available

What payment methods are available for your clients

Your clients can pay with the only integrated payment method - Picksell Pay. Learn more about Picksell Pay.

In what currencies you can accept payments in your store

Picksell Pay supports only EUR so far.

The list of currencies will expand with number of countries where Picksell is available

Your Picksell store accessibility for your clients

With Picksell you get complete online showcase for your products in web and app formats to be always with a client.

Picksell shopping website and application are designed to be fully responsive for multiple browsers, search engines and gadgets types so that your Picksell store will look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Web is compatible with all OS and devices, app is compatible with all OS and mobile devices.

Picksell Support

We’re here to help! In case you have any questions or issues about your Picksell account and store you can reach us via support@picksell.eu or by booking a call. You will get answers to your question within 24 hours or less, Monday to Friday.