The benefits of holding a diversified portfolio are common knowledge at this point. Yet what does it mean in practice?

Consider the steps involved in managing a well-diversified portfolio:

  1. You hold many different asset types some of which, like crypto and DeFi, require different brokerage accounts.
  2. You need to collect years of data and statistics for each asset you wish you to research.
  3. You need to test a multitude of strategies holding different assets with different weighting parameters.
  4. You need to execute the trades, potentially over multiple brokers, in a disciplined and rational manner.
  5. You would like to rebalance more regularly (but probably don't).

Composer aims to democratize asset management by removing the boilerplate that is collecting data and executing trades so individuals can focus entirely on the intellectually valuable and creative part of investing — the investing strategy — all through an intuitive no-code interface.

We're looking for a highly motivated, entrepreneurial and experienced securities lawyer to join our team as General Counsel. The position will report directly to the founders. This individual will focus on the application of securities law, to Composer's novel tech-enabled trading platform. This includes market regulation matters, market structure and regulation of investment advisors. Additionally, the individual will be responsible for ensuring Composer's compliance with the relevant legal frameworks as the company explores product offerings in the DeFi and crypto space. Although, the role is focused on securities law, the position is also expected to support the needs of the business generally. As a subject matter expert, the ability to distill complex legal issues for colleagues and business stakeholders is a critical attribute. This role requires high EQ, and an appreciation of how world class products are built.

You Will: