<aside> 💡 This guide is one section of a larger personal passion project I am working on called the BC Wellbeing Toolkit. The goal of this Toolkit is to create health navigation resources informed by a combination of my own research, my communities’ collective knowledge, wisdom and needs, and my own lived experiences with acute inpatient psychiatry, gender-affirming surgery, and arthritis- and chronic pain-related services.


This guide is still in the works; if you see any mistakes please reach me at:

@ngmitts on Instagram

@MittertreinerEm on Twitter


Please reach out if you are facing access barriers in any area of healthcare; if I don’t have existing resources to send you, I am happy to conduct any research needed to create new ones. Reaching out for help is NOT a burden; if you have this question, it's likely that others do too. Your questions will always be leading to the creation and maintenance of communal knowledge that will benefit others in the future.

As someone living with multiple chronic physical and mental health conditions, I would not have been able to access the healthcare I need without help from disabled, trans, and racialized communities. I strongly believe that through the combined forces of peer support, mutual aid, and our lived expertise, we can create an alternative to the current Western mental healthcare system that allows communities to provide each other with justice-oriented and culturally salient care.

Hormone Therapy 101

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Learn more about hormone therapy on the TransCare BC website [LINK HERE] or read on below for a summary ⬇️  You can also find a compiled version of this information here: Hormone therapy: full document

The Basics of Hormone Therapy

Initiating Hormone Therapy

Assessing Eligibility for Hormone Therapy

Prescribing Hormone Therapy

Community Support