[Gather X CLASSUM User Guide]

  1. Team project activities


    a. Each team can move to a private area without having to create smaller rooms.

    b. In private rooms, teams can meet without being interrupted or disturbed by other teams

    c. Each group has the option to use its own whiteboard.

    d. Moderators can observe all teams simultaneously.

    e. If a new area is created, participants can hear conversations inside the area, even without entering.


  2. Meet outside of class time. Guests can enter a meeting link even if an original member is not present.


    Teams can meet even outside the scheduled meeting time.

  3. ****Spotlight zone for presentations

    a. Users in the spotlight zone can share video and audio to everybody in the space

    b. If you turn the stage into a spotlight zone, participants on stage can present in front of all participants in the space


  4. Simple interaction

    a. Participants can interact using reaction buttons (Ie. applause)


    b. Chatting for everyone and nearby participants


  5. 1:1 Conversations (Moderator - Participant, Participant- Participant)

    a. Speaking in a 2-person private space


    b. Speaking in a bubble (outside sounds are slightly audible)


  6. Attaching files through links

    a. Link files (PPT, Google slides, YouTube video, etc.) through objects (whiteboards, books, posters, etc.)