Role: Sales & Partnerships


🤔 What did you do before you came to Zetl?

Compared to most of my teammates, my career thus far has been based out of Singapore with market-opening exposures to the region.

I commenced my career working for traditional banks but felt the conventional rigidity was impairing my ability to contribute in any meaningful way. Being a cog in the wheel just never felt right.

Moving to startups was hence a natural progression and I admittedly get excited and passionate about being able to work under the constant hustling that people tend to associate with new ventures.

☺️ Anything you’re proud of/achievements in your time so far here?

I’m immensely proud to witness first-hand how a small and youthful team spread across different geographical boundaries come together to solve long-standing problems that asset-light firms face and help them take their business to the next level.

👏 Why did you decide to join Zetl?

I was immediately impressed by the vision laid out by Matt when we first spoke, and subsequent discussions with Shan and Mark only reinforced my desire to take on the role. The chance to replicate the success I enjoyed in my previous company and more importantly, the chance to serve businesses which have been severely underbanked was impossible to turn down.