Gardenscapes Tips from The Expert gamers for easier progression

For all those gamers who are trying hard to progress in Gardenscapes, looking after the method to earn coin and star matters a lot. You have to be selective with the earning of virtual currencies, Coins, and Stars. If you are not able to progress, then the common cause of this issue is coins and stars. To earn a higher amount, you have to choose a wise method of progression, and there are many ways to do that. Let's have a look at some of the easy methods to progress and become a better gamer.


You are able to complete tasks to earn a higher amount of coins, and there are plenty of them. You need to make some moves, set the fountains, and focus on several other stuff. This whole stuff is going to take less than a couple of minutes, but you will be earning a higher amount of virtual currencies; that's why you can rely on it without having a single issue.

Being conservative about the coin is necessary, and the same goes for the premium currency, stars. You can conserve both of them by avoiding the expenditure on any renovation. Keep on clearing levels, and when you are done complete plenty of levels, you are able to spend a few on the renovation. This will help you earn a few extra coins in an easier manner, and becoming a better gamer will be a very simple thing for you.

The simplest method to earn a star is to connect your social media account with the game. This will help to earn an extra number of coins as well as stars, that's why you can rely on this method for a better progression. You can easily earn one star per level, but this method won't help you go far in the progression. Due to this reason, you should stay curious to learn easy methods. Small obstacles for interaction are helpful in earning a better number of coins and stars.

By completing a level in less number of moves, it is easy to earn extra stars with ease. Yes, it is possible. If you pass a level with few moves left, you are earning a single star, but if you take time and complete the level in a few moves, you will earn extra stars. Even you are also getting an extra number of coins for the same thing.


The in-app purchase option is just at the corner and easy to use, but why to spend money when you are able to do the same thing without spending real money. You have to follow a basic tactic that will be enough to help you earn extra bucks with ease, and you can rely on this method for sure. When you are completing more levels, you are earning extra coins and stars to spend with ease. Keep on spending your virtual currencies wisely to avoid the problem of spending real money on this game.


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