<aside> 📚 Some terminology used around GetYourRefund and VITA.



General terminology used across GetYourRefund.

Code for America (CfA): A nonprofit organization that built and runs GetYourRefund.

GetYourRefund (GYR): A nonprofit service that helps VITA sites operate virtually by organizing the process online. Link.

GYR Do-It-Yourself: DIY tax preparation, where clients receive a free link to TaxSlayer where they can prepare and submit their own taxes. Clients can speak with live VITA support specialists if needed. Link.

GYR End-To-End: Virtual VITA, where the VITA process is moved online using the Hub.

The Hub: The platform built for GetYourRefund that helps organizations keep track and manage their clients' tax cases.

Intake/Interview and Quality Review (IIQR): VITA certification for the process of interviewing and reviewing tax documents. Described here.

TaxSlayer: The software that many VITA sites use to prepare taxes (although VITA sites are not required to use TaxSlayer).

VITA: The IRS-sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, which helps individuals get their tax return prepared for free at VITA sites across the country.

VITA Partner: Organizations or groups that run VITA sites.

VITA Volunteer: A person who volunteers at a VITA site.

Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSC): VITA certification focused on ethics training. Described here.

VITA Certifications

Advanced certification: Covers the completion of the full scope of VITA returns.