Yikes, we’re a bit late on this one 😅. That’s okay because a fully-staffed GWG has ramped up quickly and we’ve got a lot to talk to you about.

GWG III represents a step-change as, for the first time, we've onboarded a slew of new full-time and part-time contributors. With any large influx of contributors into a pre-existing structure, we've had our growing pains, but are starting to fire on all cylinders lately.

GWG Mandate:

Notable highlights:

Impressions | Comms

@caf / @static / @zakk

This team, led by Caf and Static, was recently enacted to tackle the problems of communications, running campaigns, and maintaining a baseline of impressions from product value advertisements on Twitter. Additionally, this group is tasked with beginning to own our earned, P/R, and press strategy.

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