Index Coop Growth Working Group

The Index Coop Growth Working Group (GWG) is focused on growing Index Coop's AUM by evaluating and funding growth experiments. The GWG's goal is to increase AUM by increasing awareness of DPI, driving new customers to DPI, and retaining existing DPI customers.

The committee consists of Regan Bozman and Lemonade Alpha. The committee has 10,000 INDEX (~$50,000) to allocate to growth experiments in Jan & Feb - we're excited to start funding community members that have ideas on driving growth!

You can either submit an original idea or submit one of our requests for proposal (see below)

Ideas the GWG wants to fund

Submitting proposals to GWG

  1. Submit memo to us via the below form, ideally try and get some feedback on idea before writing it out. Use this template:

Memo Template

You can find us on Discord for feedback (@lemonadealpha and @reganbozman)

  1. GWG will evaluate the week's proposals on Tuesday's meeting (we'll eventually open-source our criteria)

  2. Tell approved experimenters Tue evening > schedule a quick meeting to go through expectations/logistics, what can we do to help, etc.

  3. 1st Check-in: Thursday at growth meeting. Experiments should be underway (The GWG leaders will have short progress check-ins via chat throughout the week).

  4. 2nd Check-in: Following Thursday at growth meeting. Experiments should be completed and analysis turned in (some may require an extra week, generally, if it has gone past 2 weeks, it's too long).

Submission Form

Experiment Submissions

GWG Weekly Updates

2021.01.21 GWG Update