<aside> 💡 This process describes the steps that each member of the company must follow to carry out the analysis of their performance.



The objective of doing this exercise is to reach our goals and beyond while we maintain the uniqueness of our Culture.

Having a Performance culture we can reach further than other companies with less effort or cost. We will be able to have less avoidable errors, we'll improve quality and we'll increase our job satisfaction.


This should be a voluntary exercise that each member of the company leads in order to review their performance periodically.

Each member of the company must carry out this exercise at least once a year

  1. Each member should do this exercise together with another member of the company that he choose and with whom he think can help them evaluate their performance.
  2. The process consists of reviewing each of the Guiding Principles that are detailed in the Performance Indicator Model (Attached at the end)
  3. Each guiding principle has been divided into some questions / reflections that each member should answer in order to obtain their performance
  4. The member must evaluate each question with between 1-5 points. In this way, the member will be able to obtain a score on each guiding principle that will indicate the fit or areas for improvement, as well as a Performance Indicator Rate at the end of the model
  5. Once the exercise is finished, the member must send it to his team lead, so that way he can use that information to help the member improve.

<aside> 💡 It's important to understand and see this exercise as an analysis that we do about our work in order to be able to detect those areas where we must improve and consequently increase our performance and not as an evaluation that the company makes about our work


Guiding Principles Evaluation Model:

Example People Analyzer and GWC (2021)

Core Values and Guiding Principles Speech

Example Core Values and GP Speech