General Intro

We’re building Agartha - an open-source platform to discover intentional communities, encouraging meaningful social networks at the intersection of regeneration, technology, art and activism. We recently launched the alpha of our webApp —

We want to develop this project more, add membership pages and a complete backend system, while building up a global community to support the social movement of building resilient regenerative local co-living spaces. We also plan to onboard eco-initiatives to web3 tooling and allow for more transparent tracking of regeneration initiatives.

Mission paper:

Thank you for your time, and hope you’ll have a lovely day ^_^

One Sentence

Agartha is a Creative Brand on Intentional Regenerative Lifestyles.


Agartha's Mission is: To Expand Meaningful Intentional Communities, To Merge Regeneration with Pop Culture, For Mother Nature and Our Fractal Universe.


We are building a culture of intentional regenerative lifestyles, curating and supporting a global network of eco villages, artist collectives, hacker spaces and irl DAOs. Connecting the worlds of technology, art and pop culture with the worlds of nature restoration, personal regeneration and intentional living.

What we built: A webApp to explore existing known intentional communities:

A notion knowledge ecosystem of regenerative, alternative lifestyles:

We collaborated with Traditional Dream Factory and co-created a 200-page book about regenerative lifestyles. WIP Content: (Top left dropdown button to go through chapters) Project website:

An article about solarpunk eco villages:

A workshop about regenerative communities we visited:

What we will build next: A programmable NFT campaign w 3js allow minters to DIY their personal ‘Inner-Utopias’ with premade assets, eventually these little 'Utopias' can be weaved into a collective metaverse mind-space for further gamified social interactions. Social media & T shirt merch campaign with curated content on the theme of intentional regenerative living & solarpunk philosophies. Further develop our webApp platform with a complete backend structure.