GG18 is the next iteration of the Gitcoin Program QF rounds that will run on the new decentralized Grants Stack. The planned dates for this round are August 15th to 29th and there will be 4 Core Rounds each with a distinct matching pool:

The purpose of this page is to outline the general eligibility policy that ALL grants must meet in order to qualify for acceptance into any of the 4 core rounds. In addition to the general eligibility, grants must meet the extra criteria for the round they are applying for. The description of each specific round’s eligibility criteria is listed after the general eligibility policy.

What’s Changed Since the Beta Round?

Before the Beta Round, the PGF team created a governance forum post concerning eligibility requirements and asked the community to weigh in. After lots of productive discussions, a follow-up post was created outlining a few changes and finalizing the eligibility criteria for the upcoming round. Please check out those posts if you’re interested in viewing the discussion that occurred and how the eligibility criteria have evolved over time.

Since the Beta Round, the PGF team has deliberated further on eligibility requirements and taken more of the feedback from the previous governance post into account. As a result, the following changes have been made to the Gitcoin Program General Eligibility Policy:

Although it’s being removed as a general policy requirement, a strict funding limit could remain in a specific round’s eligibility criteria in some form, for example, if the program were to add a Core Round focused on very early-stage projects.

Gitcoin Program General Eligibility Policy

This policy is set and enforced by the PGF workstream of the GitcoinDAO and is ratified by the GitcoinDAO stewards. Projects must meet the following criteria:

Additionally, the following are not permitted in Gitcoin-operated rounds: