We are delighted to receive your manuscript for consideration for publication in the journal Global Cardiology Science and Practice.

There are a few things you can do to speed up the review and publication of your manuscript (should it be chosen for publication). These guidelines largely refer to the content that we need for each submission - but if you want to adhere to in-house formatting styles, that will not harm.

Note, accepted manuscripts are typeset professionally following acceptance, but we may choose to publish your submitted file as an Article in Press while this is being prepared.


When preparing manuscripts for submission to Global Cardiology Science and Practice, we do appreciate the following information to be present in ALL submissions. We don't necessarily need you stick to the font sizes, but this information needs to be present.

  1. Set default font for the manuscript to 12pt. Section headings in 14pt bold. Line spacing at 1.15.
  2. On the manuscript itself, state the Article Type. There is a list of them in full here. This should go in 10pt bold text at the top of the first page.
  3. The title comes next. Descriptive, 20pt font bold, and no more than 3 lines at this font size.
  4. Then the author list. 14pt bold. Authors should be listed in the order you wish them to appear in print. FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, ... Indicate the corresponding author with an asterisk. Initials for middle names are allowed and should be followed by a period/full-stop - however we discourage the use of initials for first names.
  5. The authors affiliations are important. 11pt italic. Please use the traditional mailing address for the institution, but we do not need to know a person's qualifications, role, or job description. Where multiple authors are at the same institution, use the same affiliation. Affiliations should be numbered and a superscript number should appear next to the author name to indicate their affiliation.
  6. Corresponding author email on a new line, 10pt with an asterisk.

If you have done all of this correctly, your manuscript will start off by looking something like this (I use Myriad Pro font - you can use which ever you're most comfortable with):


Note that the usual sequence of events for publication are:

Submission > Review (or reject) > Accept (with revisions, or reject) > Editing > Provisional publication of the edited file > Author receives final typeset proofs for checking > Final PDFs available online & full text/PDF sent to PubMed Central.


All contributions, with the exception of invited Editorials, require an abstract. This is to allow readers to ascertain whether they want to read the full text, but also so that PubMed Central can indexed your abstract for searching purposes on their platform.

Abstracts should