Hey! Considering you are reading this page, you wish to volunteer and take an active role in EnterMedSchool. Thank you!

To apply, my email is:


EnterMedSchool is a non-profit educational project. Founded in 2019, the website started as a forum where a small team and I provided worked solutions to different past paper questions while providing a safe and positive place for all premed students who took the Italian Medical Admission Exam.

Recently, the project grew beyond our highest expectations, reaching almost 45 volunteers. Now, we can create and provide significantly more free high-quality content. The more volunteers we will have, the more people we will be able to reach and help!

You can read more about Volunteering by reviewing the following presentation:


Website link:

In our first monthly meeting, I explained the project and the progress we've had so far. Please watch the following video (on 2x speed because it's a bit long) to learn more about the project.

Plans for 2021: