To begin here, I assume that you already have the structure of your funnel as showed here in "Create my new funnel in a few minutes".

Now, navigate to "Funnels", your funnel and "Settings".

Here we are going to see and detail the settings one by one.

You will see that it is quite simple and mandatory to have a proper sales funnel.

Basic settings

Title (1)

There are 2 ways of changing your funnel's title :

Most of the time you will use the first option as it is more practical. But now you know that the alternative exists.

The title is for you while using Frog, so just be clear and specific, so that you can know which funnel it is and what it contains at first sight.

Funnel language (2)

Today (when I'm writing these lines) there are only two possible languages to set your funnel : English and French.