This is a work-in-progress guide to help you raise money from investors.


1. LinkedIn

Tap into your existing networks.

  1. Create a template for your outreach through LinkedIn. Make it brief.
  2. Go to your LinkedIn connections and search for keywords. For example...
  3. Sort the connections by 1st degree and start going through the results one by one.
  4. Find one ice-breaker in their profile - usually it's their investment thesis that fits your company.
  5. Use the template that you've created for your outreach and put the ice breaker in the first sentence to catch their eye.
  6. Fearlessly hit send.

2. Databases

We made you a list of free, open-source databases filled with investors you can add to your lead list. Enjoy!

See investor databases.

3. Crunchbase

Cold outreach. 🥶

Since cold outreach is more time consuming and less effective make sure you FULLY use ALL of your personal networks and networks of your mentors and people who are willing to help you before moving on to this step.

  1. Get yourself a free trial on Crunchbase (CB). We've done like 7 of these using the same exact card. Make sure you cancel it on time, otherwise they'll charge you for the whole year.
  2. Go into advanced settings → investors → filters → investments.