Looking to get funding for your idea from the OCM DAO?

Your default choice and first stop should be OCM Prop House. OCM Prop House is awarding ~10 ETH in new grants every two weeks during Season 1.

However, if your request is too small, time-sensitive, or involves a retroactive award / expense reimbursement: you can consider requesting a grant from our Small Grants Committee.

The DAO is generally holding off on full Proposals until after Season 1.

LATEST: Season 1 for the OCM DAO is complete!

Our Season 1 theme is “Brand & Community Building.” We are currently focused on making grants for projects around this theme. Season 1 runs from Aug - Oct 2022.

OCM Prop House is now live!

We also elected the four community members of our S1 Small Grants Committee.

On the first OCM DAO Office Hours, hear the full story of OCM DAO and a complete intro to Season 1. We also workshop a few Prop ideas from community members!

Meet the Small Grants Committee and hear more OCM DAO questions answered.

We are hosting regular OCM DAO Office Hours on Twitter Spaces. Best way to share your idea and learn more about submitted Props directly from them. Follow @TheRoxie (OCM Community Manager)

Season 1 is now complete! Check out the list of all OCM Prop House Season 1 Winners, the video from OCM DAO Demo Day, and read all the news and timeline from Season 1.

Types of Funding

Learn more about OCM DAO’s three types of funding below.


Small Grants

0.01 - 2****Ξ*****

20Ξ allocated for S1

Requests too small or time-sensitive for Prop House. Retroactive awards for outstanding contributions, expense reimbursements.

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Prop House

1 - 10Ξ

50Ξ allocated for S1

Regular rounds of funding awarded to pilots & experiments (called “Props”) around our Season 1 theme. Submit yours now!

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Full Proposals

10 - 100Ξ

Wait until after S1

Major commitments to scale up big ideas. Usually has been piloted through a Prop first. Highly involved process with more scrutiny.

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﹡- Note: Small Grants will typically fall in this range, but the Small Grants Committee is authorized to make grants up to 5Ξ in size.