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The Mission

The biggest problem in Gen Z finance is paying for college

Education is both the most powerful and least accessible tool for social mobility that exists in the US. Many students are locked out of this opportunity due to a lack of understanding of how to get the funding they need to pay their bill.

Navigating the maze of scammy scholarships, archaic federal aid applications, and opaque student loan options to piece together a bill for tens of thousands of dollars can be easily the hardest thing that 18-22 year-olds have done in their lives thus far.

Oftentimes, students won't even apply to their dream school because they don't think they can afford it, even if it is actually possible.

Students need someone on their side to help them find the path to paying for college while avoiding drowning in debt.

That's us. Path will put a financial advisor in the pocket of every Gen Z student.

Today, your advisor builds you a step by step plan to get your college bill covered. In the future, your advisor will help you build credit, get your first auto loan, choose which bank to work with, get a mortgage, and answer any financial question you'll ever have, for life.

So that's where we're headed — a future where no student in America has to worry about how they're going to finance college anything ever again. They simply ask their advisor and follow their path*.*

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