Full Service Assisters help clients complete the intake questionnaire. You will likely be assisting clients who do not have the ability to upload documents at home.

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Routing URLs and Bookmarking GYR

You'll want to make sure that the clients you are helping complete the intake questionnaire are using your organization's routing parameter (or "routing url"). Starting the intake questionnaire using your routing url will ensure that clients are always assigned to your organization or site.

Your organization lead or site coordinator will be able to provide you with your routing url. Your routing URL will look something like this:


With "yourRoutingParameter" replaced with a unique code for your organization or site. For example, if your organization is the United Way Bay Area, your routing url is


You'll know that your url was properly applied if you get a green welcome message at the top of the screen.


You'll notice that your routing url will always be redirected to www.getyourrefund.org/en. Because of this, clicking the "add bookmark" button in your browser will not initially save your routing url, and could cause your clients to be routed to other sites. Instead, after adding the bookmark, you will want to edit your bookmark and change the saved URL to add your routing parameter back in.