An open group conversation in which curiosity, and curious people, are prioritized.

Speak From Role. Everyone who speaks needs to start with one of these phrases:

(A speaker can also make a rabbit or turtle gesture as they begin to speak.)

Turtles Rule!!! We agree that, for the duration of the game, the 🐇s are in service of the ðŸĒs. That's just how status works in this game. 🐇s speak only to help ðŸĒs explore what they are curious (for years) about.

Turtle Fluidity. We remind everyone that as the topic and questions shift, you may switch roles. On one topic you are a 🐇, but on another, a ðŸĒ or a 🍄.

Coming Out Parties. At the start and when needed, we sweep the circle. People declare themselves ðŸĒ, 🐇, or 🍄. At the start, they identify against the big topic of the meeting.

<aside> ☝ This game is related to â€Ē Turtleocracy, an experimental org structure, and â€Ē Dope Meetings, a suggestion for better group meetings.


Thanks to Ivo Juriaan Mensch for suggesting the 🍄 role after our first run.