I. Market context.

DeFi has always been a popular keyword recently, regardless of whether the market is in an uptrend or downtrend season. BMV has reviewed and provided readers with a wealth of information about new and exciting projects in the DeFi field in the past few months.

Regarding projects on the DeFi segment, it is worth mentioning Uni/SushiSwap, Serum and Injective that are DEX projects, while APY and ALPHA operated in the Yield Farming field. However, the general DeFi problem is that user experience (UX) of most DeFi projects is not quite enjoyable, if not relatively unpleasant. Of course, UX is not everything. However, if there is an excellent UX,  users will make long-term commitments to  DeFi products.

Thus, Frontier was introduced as DeFi aggregators, and their main goal is to make DeFi more convenient for all users.

II. Project overview/objectives.

As mentioned above, DeFi faces two serious user experience problems: fragmentation and poor mobile experience.

We have dozens of active projects in the DeFi field, from Trading to Yield Farming, most of which are difficult for beginners to use. Why do I say that? You can reread the DeFi issues article or read my example below:

Suppose you want to earn passive income from Yield Farming. First, you need to find the project you want to use, Curve Finance, for example. Next, you are better off choosing a high-interest rate pool to start farm yield. After selecting a pool, you will be required to deposit and connect to your Metamask / ETH wallet.

You will then begin transferring funds from your ETH wallet to the Curve Finance pool. This step will cost you a bit more gas fee (depending on market conditions). In return, you will receive Curve tokens in your wallet (LP tokens) and then start staking CRV tokens to obtain yield. Depending on the pool, you will receive a varied interest. Currently, most pools have an APY (annual profit) of 3% to 33, depending on the CRV price from time to time.

In the last step, you confirm the staking one more time (another gas fee); hence, you have successfully carried out yield farming in Curve Finance.

The next day, a friend approaches you and starts telling you about the Yearn Finance pool with higher interest rates. At this point, you have to spend more money on Yearn Fiance and almost repeat the steps above. Then the next day, you repeat these steps in Compound. You now have three pools that need to be monitored regularly, and none of these three supports mobile users. If you do not have a computer, you will not be able to manage all your investments.

Frontier came into existence to solve this problem. Frontier is a DeFi aggregator that will help users automatically farm in the highest interest rates pools. Please re-read my article on APY Finance to better understand the nature of these projects.

The aggregator will aid users in automatically select the best pools for farming. Frontier has three primary weapons to differentiate itself from other projects: Frontier Wallet, TxLink, and Frontier Chain. Frontier will have its token (FRONT) and has successfully raised US$1.85 million in seed rounds from significant investors such as FTX/Alameda Research, Coingecko and Matic.

III. Core products.