Multiverse's jobs board

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🕹 The company

At Multiverse, we're making the next generation of tabletop RPGs. We're bringing video game-like graphics and interaction to a games that you had to play on paper before.

🎉 The role

We're seeking an experienced frontend, react engineer to join our engineering team!

You'll be joining a team of 8 engineers building web games that mix frontend React UI with webGL accelerated graphics.

We think a lot about our craft as engineers. We involve everyone deeply in the product & design cycles, so you have input into what we build and why we're building it.

We talk to our players, a lot. Everyone on the team spends time in our public Discord talking to our players and understanding what they want. We believe in building intuition about our players, vs. relying only on our own.

As an engineering team, we are deeply ambitious. We've built our own web-based engine, UI library, character generator, game CMS, combat system and more.

You'll have deep institutional support: our founding team has three MIT engineers and we know what it takes to make a great engineering team and product. We care deeply about mentoring our engineers and finding opportunities for you to grow, and work on what you have the most energy and enthusiasm for.

Women and under-represented minorities strongly encouraged to apply.

🧭 Ideal candidate