The world spends trillions treating the outcomes of type 2 diabetes, largely ignoring the underlying cause and only treating symptoms of the disease. Even with gold standard pharmaceutical treatment, people with type 2 diabetes continue to live at an elevated risk of life-altering complications and with generally very little knowledge about how to manage and treat the condition.

We built Habitual to change this. We believe that pills and annual diabetes check-ups just aren’t enough, and that patients are ready to take their health into their own hands.

We provide digital prediabetes and type 2 diabetes remission at scale by helping patients make lasting change to their nutritional, physical, and mental health. Our programme combines evidence-based nutritional strategies with digital therapeutics to be our patients’ lifelong partner in the journey to living longer, healthier, and happier.

The role

As a health tech company the development team is at the core of everything that we do - whether it’s working with the Marketing team to test new concepts, improving the subscription processes on the e-commerce side or on the Product side; building our brand new react native app or working on the backend. There’s always plenty to be done!

As a product team we run things as lean as possible, using low fidelity solutions to test concepts before jumping into a full build. Our focus is to get features into the patients hands as quickly as we can while keeping up the quality of our product.

We’re looking for our second and third dev hires who will work along side Pip, our lead developer. Ideally you’re a frontend developer (or full stack leaning towards frontend), confident with working with ReactJS or React Native but not scared of jumping up and down the tech stack as needed.

Your day to day may include some of the following tasks:

Our tech stack