About Engineering @ Verak

"Move fast to build things"

Verak's Engineering team is built on the foundation of 3E's - Experimentation, Energy and Enthusiasm. We welcome candidates irrespective of background provided they fit into our 3E's framework -

  1. Are you willing to 'Build, Test & Learn' on repeat for the next 365 days?
  2. Do you wake up excited to fire up your IDE?
  3. Are you enthusiastic to learn and become a better Engineer?

If the answer to (1) to (3) is YES, then, Verak won't feel like work!

Role Description

Verak is looking for a Software Engineer who has ~2 to 4 years of experience in writing production quality React code for web applications (across Mobile & Desktop).

Ideally, you have shipped at least one web application using the React framework which has been used by ≥ 10,000 users or ≥ 10 business clients.

This is a rare chance to work at the cutting edge of Insurance with a team of 8 engineers at a Y Combinator & Lightspeed backed company.

This role is full-time with a preference for candidates who wish to work remotely for at least the next 12 months.

What are the expectations from this role?

  1. You will work as an Independent Contributor when required
  2. You have deep knowledge of JS and React
    1. Establish and maintain standards for code quality across different codebases
    2. Ability to prepare tests for code written by other engineers