I frequently get questions about how to get started learning frontend development. There is no "correct" way to do it, but this guide is my personal advice for a good way to get started. It was inspired by Opemipo's UX Design Learning Guide.

This is meant to just be an introduction, and of course I can't cover anything. So try and do as much research outside of what's provided here as possible. Send me feedback on twitter @ireaderinokun .

1. Understanding the Web

Before getting into developing anything for the web, it's important to understand how all the pieces fit together. What exactly is "frontend"? How does it differ to "backend"? The article below does a great job at explaining all the terminology.

front-end vs back-end vs client-side vs server-side


2. Introduction to Interface Development

The building blocks of the web are two languages - HTML and CSS. HTML controls the content and structure of the website, while CSS controls the look and styling of the site. In this module, you'll learn the fundamentals of these languages and build your first website!



Project - Build a Website

Your first project will be to try to recreate the homepage of any website you like. Try to do it without looking at the source code, and try to get as close as possible to the original design. If you need a suggestion for a site to recreate, you can use my blog, bitsofcode.