Why we exist

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We believe in a world where every business, small and large, can create transformational products for their customers.

Our mission is to equip developers with accessible AI technology so they can deliver magical experiences to their users.

We’re making AI accessible to front-end developers, backend developers, and native developers at small to medium sized companies. Mage will make AI technology so accessible, a mom-and-pop shop can harness its power.


Mage is the Stripe for AI. Stripe made it easy for developers to integrate payments into their apps. Mage makes it easy for product developers to integrate AI into their apps.

Mage is a collaborative AI tool for product developers.

With Mage, product developers can import data from data warehouses, transform data, train models, improve models, and deploy models without having to rely on data scientists or hiring AI engineers and waiting 6 months for them to ramp up.

You can increase revenue and retention by using an AI tool like Mage to make predictions using your existing data. Use cases for AI include improving ranking to increase revenue, recommend new products to users to increase revenue, increase app engagement by predicting when a user will stop using it, predict membership subscriptions to increase retention of existing paying users, and more.

Ship a model in minutes, not months. How it works in 4 steps:

  1. Select a use case like ranking, churn prediction, etc.
  2. Add data and Mage will guide you on how to enhance it for training
  3. Once the model is done training, Mage will guide you on how to improve your model
  4. Deploy your model and integrate it via API call or data integration