About Apto

Apto is an online real estate startup based in São Paulo, in Vila Olímpia. On a weekly basis, we launch new apartments and houses with brands from all over Brazil with high quality information and a unique visual for customers.

Through technology, exclusive information and human touch, Apto is changing the way Brazilians look for a new place to live. www.apto.vc


Apto is looking for a detail-oriented front-end developer to scale our Tech squad, so we can handle our accelerated growth, developing more and more projects every day for Apto, build with React and Node.js, communicating with backend through API served in GraphQL.

The main goal for this position is to lead our front-end interfaces, mainly in Apto. Sometimes will collaborate in other products, like Live, Blueprint and Brain (our CMS). We work with the best real estate companies in Brazil and they love how beautiful their projects are presented in Apto, because we improve our solutions in weekly sprints. Let's meet speed and quality.

The ideal candidate likes to learn about technology, has sense of focus and inner ability to find ways to solve problems. Surely, you don't need to know everything.

Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible Alan Turing


  1. Develop beautiful, responsive, ultra-fast, mobile-first web interfaces that are optimized for SEO.
  2. Interact closely with our designers, back-end to ensure flawless and fast implementation of complex applications. Feel free to suggest better ways to solve problems.
  3. Advocate + encourage good development practices in web-based technologies (HTML, CSS and Javascript), and provide technical guidance on issues related to UI engineering;
  4. Build automations that guarantee the quality of the products and contribute to the productivity of the engineers.
  5. Experience with the React, tools and task automation tools and tests.
  6. Solid experience in designing, building and managing JavaScript solutions that meet large user bases, including Node.js.
  7. Knowledge in GraphQL, SEO and analytics tools are desirable.
  8. Research and communicate front-end best practices.