This guide shows you a ride from the airport to the central bus station in Sofia and then to Bansko. But of course you can use it in reverse for a trip from Bansko to the airport.

Members have taken the bus at 7:00 in the morning from Bansko plus a taxi in Sofia and successfully made it to a 11:50 flight (including baggage check-in).

Start with the metro from the airport

After arriving at the Sofia airport follow the blue line on the floor to the metro:

The ticket machines are accept cash or card and have an English menu option. The ticket is 1,6 BGN:

Pass the gate to the metro trains by validating your ticket:

The trip from the aiport to the central bus station takes about 1 hour if you want to take it easy, i.e. without changing the train. Stay put on the metro line 2 (blue line) and enjoy the ride under and above Sofia.

Your destination. Get off here:

Alternatively take a taxi

If you're short of time to your bus you can take a taxi from the airport to the central bus station. It should cost around 15 BGN and the ride is roughly 30mins.