Subject: Friends of—Advisor Update #9 (self-serve signup + launch planning)

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the "Friend of Arrows" advisor update #9. As a refresher, gives SaaS customer success teams a collaborative onboarding & success planning tool for use with their customers. It's run by me + Benedict Fritz.

Let's get into it!

Customer quotes of the month:

"I'm impressed. I think you've built something fantastic. For us to manage it [we need an integration with] Salesforce. I'm sure you're like 'God, if I get that one more time.' I think that, for me, is huge. And then some of the other pieces around the automation and getting that integration to be perfect is going to be huge."

– Tyler Wonderlic, VP of customer success at Video:

"This was a cool demo. If there was a way for us to have our cake and eat it too, right? We like your customer facing side of this more than I think any of the other ones we've seen ("Yeah, it's really clean" - another voice). The cleanliness of the interface... I would be much happier putting this in front of our clients than anything else that we've seen across a few other demos. We are sort of between the rock and the hard place on like needing the robustness of a really intense project management tool, because we have an intense project management to actually orchestrate. And then we need a way to obfuscate how insane it really is from the customer and give them what feels like a really easy to-do list. And if there was a way to marry the things together, I think we would definitely pick your interface on it."

– Noah Prince-Goldberg, Manager of Technical Success at


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