Subject: Friends of—Advisor Update #7 (10 customers and conviction!)

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the "Friend of Arrows" update #7. As a refresher, makes onboarding playbooks for high-touch B2B SaaS companies to share with their customers. It's run by me + Benedict Fritz and is self-funded by our agency.

Let's get into it!

Customer quote of the month:

"My predecessor used a Google Doc for onboarding, then we then moved to Trello, and then we found Arrows. The dashboard is a game changer. I'm trying to figure out where nine customers are at any given time, and that was a ton of manual work. With Arrows I just feel more effective. We've started talking about creating Arrows workflows for everything—it just makes our lives easier."

– Arrows customer on a case study call


Our goals from last month: