Subject: Friends of—Advisor Update #6 (The Cold Waters of Customer Acquisition)

Hey everybody! Welcome to the "Friend of Arrows" update #6.

As a refresher, Arrows makes "mutual action plans" which help high-touch customer success teams onboard their customers. It's run by me + Benedict Fritz and is self-funded by our agency. Let's get into it!

A small favor:

We published a thread (10 minutes ago) about how to onboard customers based on our research. Please bless us with a retweet!

p.s. Let me know if you want off this list. No hurt feelings!

This month...

Our goal from the previous update was to have 10 total companies trialing Arrows, and 4 companies really bought in with expanding usage.

One month later: we started the month with 4 customers and ended with 7. We have 3 of those customers with expanding usage.

Good stuff...