Subject: Friends of – advisor update #4

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the fourth Friend of Arrows update! As a refresher, Arrows builds mutual action plan software for customer success teams. It's run by me and Benedict Fritz (CC'd) and funded by our client work. Let's get into it.

p.s. Let me know if you want off this list. No hurt feelings!

Where we left off last time… In the last update (February 5th) we'd just received 2 preorders for the Arrows beta using only design mockups. Those preorders plus the 35+ conversations with other customer success teams were enough for us to start building the product.

Our primary goals after that email were:

  1. Begin building the initial MVP, with a goal of launching in March
  2. Don't lose momentum due to client work

What's happened since then…

  1. We received 2 more preorders of $100 each, for a total of 4 customers who are waiting for access to our beta product. I also received a cold message on LinkedIn from someone who heard about Arrows and wants a demo. Positive signal.
  2. The product is pretty far along and is looking promising. Here's a quick video I recorded to send to our beta customers: I would all but guarantee we onboard customers in April, ~2 weeks from now being the target.
  3. We planned to launch to our beta customers in March, but missed that target for two reasons: A) the global pandemic (obviously, we're all being affected by this) and B) a big uptick in client work from our usual pace.
  4. Speaking of client work, our agency is actively working on 3 projects for pretty major organizations. The pandemic has created an odd situation where we have even more work than usual, particularly since one of our clients had to change plans which created more projects for us. Luckily this also means we're properly funded and busy for the next few months, if not all of 2020. And since we're subcontracting the majority of the work, we're able to stay focused on building Arrows.