Hey everyone!

Another ~6 weeks, another Arrows update! Let's get into it.

We ended our last update with three next steps. Here they are as well as our progress:

1. Talk to Customer Success teams and show them mockups

Our pipeline in our Notion CRM looks like this:

Overall we're really happy with how successful this process was. As you'd expect, some calls were great, and some were a miss. The calls formed a positive feedback loop: the more customer success managers (CSMs) we talk to, the more we understand their world, the more confident we are when speaking to them, the more people they introduce us to, etc.

This process also validated that customer success (CS) is an under-appreciated market. People were excited to talk to us, and it was exciting to see how under-served many CS teams are. Also encouraging is that we are beginning to feel like experts—we feel like we have something to contribute when people ask how we've seen other companies handle CS.

Customer success is a core revenue-driving function of any subscription-based company, and our focus on helping high-touch onboarding teams gives us a great entry-point to serving those teams in the long run.

2. Get 3 preorders to validate our idea