Subject: Friends of—investor update (July/August ‘21)

Hey everybody!

Welcome to this month's "Friend of Arrows" investor update—issue #14. Let's get into it!

FYI – these emails are private and only for this list.

What is Arrows?

Arrows guides your customers from Point A → Point B to achieve their goals with your product. It does this by helping your customers know what they need to do, and when they need to do it. A faster, smoother onboarding process means more revenue in the door sooner, and your customers are retained for longer.

Long-term vision

Arrows wants to be for the post-sale customer lifecycle what Salesforce is for the pre-sale process. We're starting with customer onboarding, because it's the onramp to the customer relationship and very high-value.

"Previously on Arrows":

Our goals from the last update were...