Subject: Friends of—Advisor Update #10 (launch + next steps)

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the "Friend of Arrows" advisor update #10. As a refresher, gives B2B SaaS teams a collaborative onboarding & success planning tool for use with their customers. It's run by me + Benedict Fritz.

Let's get into it!

Customer quotes of the month:

"Honestly, the setup is really intuitive. Confirmed my email 20 minutes ago and already have an example to send my team" – DM from the first customer to upgrade after launch

"I signed up yesterday, and is providing me with calming clarity on the previously-messy-VIP-onboarding process stored in my head. Some products have an a-ha moment. Others have an omg moment. Well done" – Matt Wensing on Twitter (Part 1, Part 2)

Other quotes are now live on our new website,, as well as in the comments of our ProductHunt launch: You can also see everything people tweeted about our launch here: OR OR

"Previously on Arrows"

Our goals from last update were...