Hi everybody!

Welcome to the inaugural Friend of Arrows update. Arrows is the company Benedict Fritz (CC’d) and I have been building through 2019 (on the side of our client work).

The most currently relevant details are at the top. If you wish for more context for how we got here, at the very bottom is a link to the history of our year so far.

About Arrows

Arrows makes sales and operations tools for agencies and software companies. We position our space of interest as: “It’s not a CRM, but the tools you wish you had alongside your CRM.”

Next product – researching onboarding workflows

Currently we’re doing customer research calls into the software stack for sales and operations teams at these companies. The first area of interest we discovered was manual customer onboarding processes—everything that happens between a customer saying “Yes” to sales and being fully up-and-running.

We’ve heard from folks that this process is operationally painful (e.g. lots of tedious work), they’ve lost customers after a verbal commitment due to slow turnaround (e.g. contracts take multiple days to send), there’s poor internal visibility into status (e.g. “Who’s signed?”), and a sloppy process gives a bad first impression (e.g. “What do you need me to do again?”).

Current and Next Steps

  1. We’re in the process of conducting 12+ customer research calls scheduled before Thanksgiving, with more scheduled the week after.
  2. We’ve built a list of 50+ companies in our personal network which are potentially a good match for an onboarding workflow tool. We’ve also built a list of 75+ productized services firms to talk to next.