Inclusive footwear impacts lives

Our magic is making fitted shoes easier and adaptable without sacrificing style or comfort

Our technology solves more adaptive footwear challenges than any other brand

In-demand by customers medical professionals in 7 countries

Friendly means helping others and that’s what our shoes do


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Leadership Team

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Joseph B. DiFrancisco | Co-Founder & CEO

Joseph DiFrancisco strives to be a champion in all things, and his competitive nature comes through in his unparalleled efforts to grow Friendly Shoes on a global scale. As an Occupational Therapist, his aspiration to help as many people as possible kickstarted this altruistic endeavor a few short years ago, and this same ambition to help others continues to be the backbone of our company. With a blue-collar ‘no-job-is-too-small’ attitude, Joseph’s commitment to excellence is ingrained top to bottom in every link of the Friendly chain.


Ryan William Nohea Garcia - San Diego, California, United States | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Ryan Nohea Garcia | Co-Founder & President

Ryan Garcia’s background is in law and his tenacious attitude, coupled with an intelligent approach allows him to juggle a variety of seemingly overwhelming complexities with the greatest of ease. His quick execution of tasks and strategic lens has propelled Friendly Shoes to a level that would not have been possible without his efforts, and his inherent fearlessness continues to be an inspirational catalyst of persistence for the entire team.