Can the software book couples for therapy or is it designed just for individuals?

Right now, we don't have features for linking clients together for couples therapy. There are ways around this, such as to choose one of the clients as the primary client for scheduling and notes, and add client notes for the other client as needed. We will very soon be adding more features around couples/family therapy to make this more seamless.

Are any discounts available for a nonprofit/university?

Right now we don't offer any additional discounts as our price is very competitive.

Are there future plans to integrate Microsoft Bookings?

Integrating with Microsoft Bookings isn't currently on our roadmap. However, we do plan on implementing a widget that can be embedded in your website at some point for client scheduling and requests - something similar to what Microsoft Bookings offers for scheduling. We can't guarantee when we'll get to that feature, but it'll likely be in 2022. We also support syncing the Sessions Health calendar with your existing calendaring application if you want to see all appointments in an external calendaring application (we also help protect your client information by supporting Internal IDs if the external service is not HIPAA compliant).

Are there any YouTube videos demonstrating a sample Sessions Health?

We've been working at light speed to build a lot of useful new features for Sessions Health and so the best way to get oriented right now is with a video conference or phone call. We're happy to set one up with you at a convenient time so you can get answers to your most important questions with one-on-one help.

Regarding fees for the monthly subscriptions. Does this include the client's use of credit cards for payments? If not, what is the additional fee for that?

We use a vendor to process credit cards who charges 2.9% + $0.30 per successful charge. We don't add any other fees on top of what our processor already charges for client card payments.

Do you offer a Business Associate Agreement?

Here is our Business Associate Agreement which become effective by the sign-up date.

What are your Terms of Service?

Here are our Terms of Service which become effective by the sign-up date.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Here is our Privacy Policy.

Can you explain how Telehealth integration works?

With the emergence of services such as and other more economical HIPAA-compliant telehealth services, we've decided at this time not to focus our efforts on re-inventing that wheel by building our own solution. However, what we provide towards Telehealth are:

a) guidance on how to set up your sessions with the appropriate telehealth Location Codes for insurance if you plan to generate 1500 claims (electronically-submitted claims are on our roadmap and plan to have that available sometime this fall),

b) if you intend to use our portal features, allow you to share instructions with your clients on how they can access their telehealth session (either assigned from the session or manually sent via a Secure Message). All they need to do is sign into the portal to get the specific instructions on how they can access their sessions.