What is Jemi?

Jemi is an all-in-one tool for creators to create a website and set up an online store and membership site (think Linktree, Patreon, and Shopify, combined)! Our mission is to help creators grow their audience and income online.

Who uses Jemi?

Creators, freelancers, students, entrepreneurs, and more! Anyone with an online following can use Jemi to engage with their audience and make money.

What are some things I can offer on Jemi to make money?

What are your payout methods?

You can choose to be paid out via Paypal or direct transfer to your bank account. We use Stripe for our payment processor.

How frequently do you pay out Creators?

Payouts are initiated daily. There may be a 2-4 day delay in the payout to arrive to your bank account.

How much does Jemi cost?

We have a free plan and a paid plan! You can find details here.

Do you have a mobile app?

No, we only have a website currently. Both Creators and fans can access the product through their browser on mobile.