If there is anything not covered in our FAQ, please feel free to reach out to us at info@fizzsocial.app. Additionally, if you have any more questions regarding user privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

Why do I have to verify a school email?

To ensure the safety of our communities (so that each community is only accessible to verified members of the community), we require users to verify that they are the owner of an email address with the corresponding .edu domain to their school.

Is Fizz affiliated with my school?

No. We are not affiliated with any education institution, and your school will never have access to anything you do on Fizz.

Can other users see my identity?

No. Unless you explicitly state your identity in the app, no other user (including moderators) can ever see your phone number or email address that you used to create your account.

Who are the moderators? What powers do they have?

We recruit a team of students to moderate each Fizz community. Moderators see exactly what any other user can see, except they have the ability to remove posts that violate our Community Guidelines. All moderators are trained to be objective, and since Fizz moderation works like a democratic voting system, no single moderator has the power to remove any post. Click here for more information on how our community moderation system works.

Who created Fizz?

Fizz was originally created by two Stanford students, but we have since expanded to a team of individuals (primarily college-aged) dedicated to building authentic online communities. For more information, see our Founding Story.

We’re always looking to expand our team, so if you’d like to be involved, feel free to email us at info@fizzsocial.app.

How does Fizz make money?

As of now, Fizz does not generate revenue. Our operations are currently supported by a team of investors, and we are focussed on growing Fizz to creating the most authentic and positive experience for our users.