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  1. What kind of jobs do Manara alumni get?

    Our alumni have gotten jobs and on-site interviews at companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, Qualtrics, Stripe, Zalando,, Flexport, Careem, Noon, Upwork (full-time team), and countless excellent startups. We help you get the following types of jobs:

    Relocating to the United States is very difficult so we don't recommend it unless you have a greencard or US citizenship already.

  2. My English is intermediate. Should I still apply?

    Yes, we’ll assess whether it’s good enough and might be able to connect you to resources to improve it if needed.

  3. I am a beginner in X and Y technologies/languages. I am studying computer science in university. Should I still apply?

    Yes, don’t screen yourself out. Let us look at your results and decide. :)

  4. I am still in university. Should I still apply?

    Yes, we can help you get an internship at a top company like Facebook, Google, or Amazon, or a smaller startup! And this will help you a lot in getting a great job later. There’s no risk to applying to internships at top tech companies.

  5. I am 0-10 years out of university. Should I still apply?

    Yes, we can connect everyone to the right opportunities if you’re willing to work hard!

  6. Why should I join Manara now if I’m graduating in 2023 or 2024?

    If you want an internship in the summer at a company like Facebook, Google, or Amazon, you need to start the process a year earlier.

  7. I don’t know how to answer the questions in the video because I don’t have experience. What should I do?

    Everyone has some kind of experience. Answer the best you can. You can talk about homework assignments you’ve worked on, projects you did in high school, challenges you faced with family, etc.

  8. Why is the time commitment 10-20 hours/week? That seems like a lot

    This is how much time it takes to prepare for interviews at companies like Google & Amazon. Even engineers in Silicon Valley who already have amazing jobs spend 10-20 hours/week preparing for interviews. They need to refresh their interviewing skills. Often they wake up at 5am to do coding questions, or block off 10 hours on the weekend to do coding questions!

  9. I haven’t studied computer science/computer engineering. Should I apply?

    If you’re a strong programmer, go ahead and apply. Otherwise probably not… Manara is meant for people with a computer science background, not people who went to a zero-to-hero bootcamp.

  10. Do you have opportunities for people who aren’t computer engineers/programmers? I’m not a software engineer and I also want a job at a global tech company.

    No, not at this time.

  11. How often does Manara run cohorts?

    Every 6 months: our spring cohort starts in May and our fall cohort starts in November

  12. What’s the difference between the women’s edition and the regular edition?

    It depends - sometimes we run a cohort that is just for women, sometimes we run a cohort that is for both women and men together but we offer extra resources & a vibrant community for women :) Apply for just one or the other and we’ll place you in whichever one has a spot open!

  13. How many spots are available?

    For our W21 cohort we have:

  14. Do I have to pay a fee for Manara's service?

    Our service costs 10% of your gross salary over two years (we call this the “Tuition Reimbursement Fee”).

  15. I'm joining as an intern. What are the tuition rules for me?

    Interns pay 10% of their salary during the first 2 years they are working. This means you pay during the 3-month internship and then for an additional 21 months. The additional 21 months only applies if you receive an offer from the employer where you had an internship, or an even better company that you are excited about (for example, if you intern at Google and then get offered a fulltime job at Google or Amazon).

  16. What if I don't find a job?