Welcome to the Grants Committee FAQs! What follows is a brief introduction on how to apply for a Guild or a Program Grant. Let's start with Guilds.

Applying for a Guild Grant

This is by far the easiest and most direct way to acquire Grant funds. In order to qualify for Guild distribution of BANK, your guild must meet the following requirements:

  1. You are a group of BanklessDAO members who are coming together to fulfill a purpose for BanklessDAO that is not currently being fulfilled in a very general sense.
  2. Your group has a Gnosis Safe, which consists of multiple signers on one wallet to manage the funds that will be distributed upon approval of your application.
  3. Your group has a separate category, and a list of channels rolling up to that category, on the BanklessDAO Discord server. One of these should be a voice channel where your group's meetings are held.
  4. Your group has a Notion page where DAO members may be directed to gather information regarding your guild. What purpose do you serve? How can new members get involved? What projects are you working on? Your group's Notion page should answer these questions as well as include notes of all your meetings.

When your group has met these minimum requirements to qualify as a guild, one member may submit an application for a Guild Grant, linked above. The person who submits this application will need to include the Multisig Wallet address as well as the Discord handles and individual wallet addresses of every signer on the Multisig Wallet. This information will be verified. Upon verification and approval, BANK will be sent to the Multisig Wallet during the following distribution.

Pretty straightforward, right? Program Grants are not so simple.

Guild Grants vs. Program Grants

There are a few more requirements to fulfill in order to qualify for a Program Grant. However, before approaching the Grants Committee for a Program Grant, recognize that there are two criteria you must meet before even considering applying:

  1. The Program must be cross-guild. If your project lies within the scope of a single guild, you will petition that guild for funds for your project. The Grants Committee will return all applications that are not cross-guild collaborative. And,
  2. The Program must be actively worked on. If you have an idea for a project, go and garner support, involve the guilds that will need to be involved, and show BanklessDAO that this program will bring value to BanklessDAO. Concepts will not be funded; programs that have momentum and support are more likely to be funded.

When these criteria are met, you may continue on to

Applying for a Program Grant

In order to qualify for a Program Grant, and thus a distribution of BANK, your Program must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have a Champion. This individual will serve as the main point of contact for anyone to reach out to regarding the Program. It is also this individual's responsibility to drum up support for the Program.
  2. The Program must have a channel in the Discord where BanklessDAO members can take part in the development of the Program.
  3. The Program must have a Project page on the BanklessDAO's Notion. This is where all the information regarding the Program is easily accessible, for anyone to understand the benefits of the program to BanklessDAO. New members may visit this page to get involved in the Program, and other BanklessDAO members may visit this page to see the progress that is being made on your Program.
  4. Your Notion page must list the terms under which the Program will operate.