On CommoPrices, you can find a lot of data from French Customs.

French Customs publish monthly a complete report of imports and exports that have taken place to or from French ground.



By default, the displayed curve will be the overall average of the import or export price depending on which tab you are on, but you can also select the destination or origin of your choice.

However, if you do not find the country of destination or origin in the drop-down list it is normal because only countries with sufficient and regular volumes are displayed.

<aside> 💡 Tip: To ensure that the data is usable by your company, we invite you to check the monthly volumes by clicking on the "Volumes" button at the bottom of the table. The higher the volume, the more reliable the data will be.


French Customs update their data monthly and with a delay. Data delay is therefore always between 5 and 9 weeks.

<aside> 📍 Example: We receive on March 7th the data for the whole month of January and we will receive on April 7th the data for the whole month of February. (etc.)


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