If you are in Ukraine

If you are in Ukraine, and have official accreditation, we will send you free security keys to protect you against phishing attacks. This is done fully privacy preserving and without needing to provide us with address. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Find the closest to you Ukrainian courier company, Nova Poshta’s, office, or to be fair any Nova Poshta office you prefer. Get the id number of the office. Something like Nova Poshta Kyiv no 14
  2. Email war@hideez.com, with your name, phone number, and the number of the City and the Nova Poshta office id. We need those detail to ship devices to you, and will delete all info once you receive the keys.
  3. We will ask you for some proof of your journalistic accreditation, and the work you do in Ukraine. You are free to make a photo of yourself with your journalist id, and blur all private info apart from name, or send us your instagram/twitter.
  4. We will ship you the keys with the tracking number. You will need to come to the Nova Poshta office that you have provided us, give them your tracking number, and show your with your personal ID.
  5. You can not got your favourite website and setup phishing resistant authentication. See Phishing and multifactor authentication

If you are outside of Ukraine

If you are outside of Ukraine you can apply through Yubico Secure It Forward programme https://www.yubico.com/about/about-us/secure-it-forward/