Since 2020, the teachers of the Free University have been working to ensure that modern knowledge is available to everyone without censorship. The University runs programs in various areas: from the exact sciences to courses on “How the Media Work”. Education is free, but you need to pass the selection process to get into the course.


The goal is to redesign the site for the independent educational project "Free University". The Free University is in a stage of active growth: new courses, curricula and directions are emerging. It is important for the client that the site can be scaled to new requests and is easy to administer.

In 2020, professors at various universities are facing the biggest educational crisis in decades. The world has survived the lockdown, and face-to-face education has become impossible. Being at the forefront of global crisis transformation, we have found that we can do our job without the bureaucratic institutions that have so far rather hindered us.

In Russian state universities, bureaucratic control and various forms of political, moral, religious, etc. are being strengthened. censorship.

Our task is to rebuild the university, freeing teachers from any administrative diktat.

If the university can no longer be free, then a new free university is needed. We cannot be expelled from the university, because the university is us.


Brand identity

The Free University was created to support and disseminate the basic values of academic life, the main of which are the pursuit of truth, academic freedom, academic autonomy, social responsibility, non-discrimination and equal access to education, transparency and accountability to society.

Based on this, we updated the project's identity and added freedom and air to the site's pages.

Created a key identifier for schools

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