Framework To Ask Critical Questions

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<aside> 💡 We rely on visual cues and interactions over extended periods of time to understand the people around us, so how can we learn to ask the right questions and vet the answers to explore the fundamentals within?


We combined Notion and Whimsical to create a meaningful framework to help you ask good questions to not only better understand the company you keep, but yourself as well.

Inspired by the Mom Test

Do I need this?

This framework is for you.

Fundamental Truths

Static Variables (S.V)

They help us understand people. They help us align with other's behaviour - if they are interested in XXX or have attributes like XXX, they have a higher chance of thinking like I do!

  1. S.V. helps you find other people (places of congregation)
  2. S.V. changes often because of life experiences
  3. S.V causes expectations = unhappiness

Mental heuristics help us make faster decisions, but not necessarily better decisions.


People actually want to know this, but they don't ask the right questions. I believe that nobody actually would care about the S.V. if they had a reliable way to figure out the fundamental mindset underneath.

Growth Mindset

Truth Mindset

Seek Discomfort

How Can We Avoid These Pitfalls?! How can you help yourself (and others) be the most authentic you can be.

People are not generally maliciously lying, but they want to please.

  1. Talk about their behaviours, instead of your ideals. (Priming)
  2. Ask about specifics in the past instead of generics or opinions about the future! (Opinions are cheap)
  3. Talk less and listen more. (Seek to understand before being understood)