tl; dr, we are currently

Vijay, Linda, Anthony, Derek, Christopher

Vijay is a seasoned technologist/operator with two seminal startup experiences. Most recently, he was at Rent the Runway for 8+ years, from seed -> $1B, leading foundational efforts in technology, product, and data. His unique vantage point both building the data stack while being a data consumer as an operator helped shape his new venture.

Linda spent 4 years growing Uber Eats to a $25B annual business from the ground up - she has the rich experience as a data scientist/analyst; seeing the same challenges faced repeatedly by her team when she was the leader; and seeing how workflows around data were essential to driving the business, as an executive of the larger org. She is excited about building the future of data-led organizations.

Anthony is a rare blend of a strong data scientist + strong engineer with stints as a founder early in his career to building foundational data science apps for Rent the Runway to more recently, spending his last 5 years at a small internet company called Google. He loves the data space, has worked with Vijay before, and one can only assume is a glutton for punishment.

Derek is a physicist turned data practitioner like a lot of physicists tend to do these days. Most recently, he built highly impactful data products at Sojern and has been obsessively exploring the broad topic of data creation, consumption, information processing and decision-making for a while.

Christopher is a seasoned engineer with experience spanning several domains - healthcare, genomics, media, quantitative investing and fintech. Through it all, he has loved handling data and building data-intensive apps and is excited about building the future data stack.