Too many basic questions about climate work have gone unanswered for too long. Nobody knows how many people want to work on climate, how many people know that it's possible, and what's stopping those that do. You'd think someone would have figured these out by now? Nope, it's on us!

Work On Climate aims to establish a research practice committed to answering these questions. We'll use this research (1) to better serve our members and (2) to gain credibility for partnering with organizations reaching hundreds of millions of jobseekers—mainstream job platforms, educational and industry bodies—and (3) to influence these organizations! (Imagine university climate-focused job fairs, climate job searches on LinkedIn, etc.)

We are looking for a volunteer Founding Research Lead to help us start this effort.

Time commitment

5 hours/week.

Q: What’s in it for me?

You will get to conduct and publish research on critically important topics for climate that nobody has yet looked into.

You will get to ask the questions, be the first to know the answers, tell the world and, if we do it right, watch the world act on it.

Q: What will I do?

Whatever it takes to get from a clean slate to the first published report on the state and perception of the climate workforce ecosystem:

We on the WoCl core team will support you—both in this role and on your personal path to working in climate—and will provide the necessary resources (funding for running the surveys, help with recruiting etc.).

Q: What skills and commitment do I need?